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SBP 327E - Urban Law and Management

Course Objectives

To create knowledge on Local Administrations and Zoning Legislation and to gain the ability to comment on urban planning principles and planning principles in line with Supreme Judiciary (Council of State) Decisions.

Course Description

During the first 7 weeks of the Zoning Legislation Course, City Management will be covered. Within the scope of this section, Turkish Local Government Structure, duties and responsibilities of municipalities, local government finance, municipal unions, relations between central government and local government, types of local government, local government bodies and their functioning will be discussed.
In the second 7-week part of the course, the subjects of Urban Law will be covered. In the second part, the concept of law, classification of law and legal instruments of law, Turkish planning system and its features, zoning legislation will be discussed in line with the current Council of State decisions.

Course Coordinator
Numan Kılınç
Course Language
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