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MIM 4081 - Masonry Construction and Repair

Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to examine the traditional/historic masonry building, its structural system and elements, materials and their characteristics, areas of use, durability behavior, building techniques, possible problems and conservation methods. In this framework, it aims to give information about conservation techniques by considering the properties of traditional building materials, structural system and relationship with building techniques, as well as possible problems.

Course Description

The course focuses on the introduction of traditional/historic masonry building and its structural system, materials and building techniques, deterioration and damages and the corresponding conservation methods that can be applied. Structural elements of masonry building (wall, pier, column, buttress, arch, dome and vault), materials (natural stones, earth-based materials, bricks and tiles, traditional binders, traditional mortars and plasters); metals (iron, copper, lead, etc.); wood; usage areas and relations with building techniques, characteristic properties, behavior, deterioration and damage, conservation techniques.

Course Coordinator
Ömer Dabanlı
Course Language
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