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MIM 4079 - Three-dimensional thinking and expression techniques

Course Objectives

1. To explain the importance of three-dimensional production techniques in the architectural design process.
2. To explain the international approaches and methods for three-dimensional modeling.
3. To discuss the importance of architectural model making in contemporary architectural education.
4. To learn how to create an original form, obtain as many alternatives as possible with the effective use of the sketch model (mockup).

Course Description

As a part of the architectural design process, three-dimensional expression forms are used both in conveying the design and as a creative tool in the design process; three-dimensional architectural modelling can play a role in transferring the design process and the design from the smallest detail to the urban scale; besides the traditional modelling technique, the active use of digital fabrication tools such as CNC, 3D printers, robotics, etc., in the architectural design process; students are expected to experience the methods by examining and applying both theoretically and practically using traditional and technological production techniques on different architectural scales.

Course Coordinator
Nesip Ömer Erem
Course Language
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