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ICM 206E - Surv and Repr.Tch. in Intr.Arch.

Course Objectives

Course aims;
1. To comprehend and express space and interior architectural elements through traditional techniques. 2. To apply graphic presentation techniques as a tool of design and communication.
3. To document existing buildings and products of interior architectural design with professional standards.
4. To measure and define building specifics concerning existing space and interior architectural elements.
5. To be aware of building measurement technologies and restoration processes.

Course Description

Comprehension/visualization of space/object in cartesian geometry; visual analysis of form, volume, space; mapping in perspective; freehand drawing techniques; sketching; 2d narration concerning design: technical language, notation; expression of material; texture/volume; graphic communication, navigation, and concepts on forming presentation content; presentation/application of conventional, electronic and optical techniques related to the measurement of building interiors and elements; restoration processes concerning interior architecture.

Course Coordinator
Zeynep Birgönül
Course Language
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