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SBP 4018E - Models & Impl.of Urban Regenr.

Course Objectives

1. To evaluate the urban regeneration issue in a holistic manner with its physical, economic and social dimensions,
2. To discuss the socio-spatial dynamics of urban regeneration practices in different parts of the world,
3. To examine the legal, administrative, economic, social and physical dimensions of urban regeneration in Türkiye,
4. To reveal the basic principles of post-disaster reconstruction and regeneration.

Course Description

Concepts related to urban regeneration, Historical background of urban regeneration, Urban regeneration process: planning / design, financing and social content. Strategic view of urban regeneration and participation processes. Urban regeneration practices in the world. Urban regeneration in Turkey: Legal framework and implemetations. Urban regeneration models. Post-disaster urban regeneration.

Course Coordinator
Muhammed Ziya Paköz
Course Language
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