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PEM 131 - Introduciton to Landscape Architecture

Course Objectives

1) To provide the concepts and types of landscape
2) To provide the main subjects and fields with its different scales of landscape architecture
3) To present the relationships of landscape architecture with other design disciplines and also related planning and engineering fields
4) To present the basic soft and hard materials of landscape architecture and their usages in landscape design
5) To provide the basic subjects and skills about land and topography

Course Description

Definition, concept and types of Landscape. Presentation of subject and interests of Landscape Architecture. Relations of Landscape Architecture with other disciplines such as designing, planning, engineering and art. Fields of study, with their changing scales. Presentation of design processes in regard to these changing scales. Approach to design elements by using samples. Presentation of landforms and their types, plant materials, landscape elements and structures in basic level.

Course Coordinator
Fatma Ayçim Türer Başkaya
Course Language
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