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ICM 4902 - Diploma Project

Course Objectives

Course aims;
1. To observe that the student has gained the required degree of expertise and knowledge in all disciplines that provides the integrity of education in the Interior Architectural Program.
2. To put forward a graduation study (interior architecture project) that proves the required professional degree has been reached.
3. The further develop, in this last stage, the fostering of the student through critiques.

Course Description

Decisions concerning planning and programming that constitute input for interior architectural design; examining the relationships between terms such as function, form, and technology with the realm of interior architectural design in different scales; analysis and evaluation of needs; holistic treatment of elements constituting the experience of interior space; conceptual research on interior architectural design, studies on formal expression and practice; reaching a synthesis supported by knoeledge and experience gained throughout the education process.

Course Coordinator
Emine Görgül
Course Language
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