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MIM 306 - Urbanism and Planning Law

Course Objectives

The success of architecture practices is strongly linked to the accurate comprehension of the related urban context and its components and the relation and the interaction between building and city scales. This course aims to present the relation between architectural scale, urban scale, and urban planning processes and introduce the legal regulations related to urban planning. The course assignment will be focused on selected sample sites from historic areas or other urban settings. The assignment aims to convey the necessary skills to analyze the elements of urban space and urban pattern, define the problem(s), identify priorities, reach a synthesis, consider multiple alternatives, and develop design proposals.

Course Description

The assignment is focused on studying sample sites –selected from historic areas or other urban settings- regarding potentials, limitations, problems, and opportunities and consequently developing design alternatives for the study areas.

Course Coordinator
Turgay Kerem Koramaz
Course Language
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