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SBP 311E - Project V

Course Objectives

The aim of the project is to understand urban and regional development dynamics and prepare an urban development plan by taking into account the legal, administrative, socio-economic and ecological dimensions that will lead the urban transformation. For this purpose,
• Understanding the regional and local development dynamics and limitations of the settlement and evaluating its effects on the spatial dimension for the future,
• Developing spatial and socio-economic strategies in line with planning goals by evaluating alternative development options,
• Understanding the roles of different actors in the planning process and relating them to actions based on spatial and socio-economic strategies,
• Taking land use decisions related to spatial and socio-economic strategies,
• Understanding and evaluating the relationships between different planning scales and scopes areprominent within the aim of the project.

Course Description

Regional context of urban change and development dynamics; collection of regional and urban socio-economic, natural and built environment data, analysis of data, evaluation of analysis results, synthesis of data, development of scenario alternatives, determination of principles, strategies and policies that will guide urban change and development, examination of legal, administrative and institutional framework, preparation of urban development plan as an option.

Course Coordinator
Emine Ferhan Gezici Korten
Course Language
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