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MIM 351 - Architectural Design VI

Course Objectives

The main objectives of the course are to increase the level of competence in the contexts of creating life scenarios, producing appropriate solutions and expressing oneself, determining appropriate approaches / strategies for the solutions of multidimensional complex design problems, and ranking the priority criteria. The indispensable objectives of the course are to develop the concepts and comprehensive programs of the scenario due to the location of the issues addressed in the urban context, to produce systematic spatial fiction and solution and to present them in the best way in different environments with various forms of representation.

Course Description

Recognizing, identifying, and analyzing the project area, comprehending its relations with the city and its location in the city, creating scenarios according to the users and their characteristics, developing alternatives in the context of conceptual thinking and ensuring the development of the project within the framework of the tectonic approach constitute the main fiction of the studio studies of the whole semester. By questioning where, when, what, why and a comprehensive how, the main approaches of the studio practice are to critically address the city and the life formed in it, to capture the integrity and scale of the city, to produce architectural solutions that improve the physical and social environment, to create rational living and usage areas, and to construct original and sustainable structural solutions.

Course Coordinator
Suat Apak
Course Language
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