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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Arazi Formu ve Yapılaşmış Çevre Stüdyosu
English Landform & Built Envir.Studio
Course Code
PEM 209E Credit Lecture
Semester -
5 2 6 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Elif Kısar Koramaz
Bengü Bilgiç
Course Objectives 1. To gain ability to perceive, investigate, interpret, analyze and evaluate and organize the components of built environment as design element by utilizing different methods and tools.
2. To gain insight to the concept of scale and multiple production methods in the landscape arcitecture by experiencing different production methods
3. To gain ability to organize landform and built environment relation via design.
4. To gain ability to develop conceptual approach and multifaceted and critical thinking to
the design problems
5. To gain ability to understand and configure landform-function relation.
Course Description -
Course Outcomes Students who satisfactorily success this course can;
1. Solve given design problems by individual and and group studies
2. Perform theoretical analyze and research related to basic concepts and issues of
landscape design.
3. Develop critical thinking through reasoning and intuitive evaluation for solution.
4. Develop holistic design approach to urban open space by using natural and cultural
5. Evaluate urban space in relation with landform, realize design by synthesizing brief and
scenarios needed for design.
Pre-requisite(s) TES 121 E
Required Facilities
Other References
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