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MIM 4028 - Wood in Architectural Design and Construction

Course Objectives

1. To give comprehensive and detailed information on the use of wood as a building material in architecture.
2. To examine and analyse wooden building applications through the examples from Turkey and the world.
3. To develop knowledge and skills on the design and construction of wooden buildings as a whole and sub-systems.

Course Description

In this course, wooden building and construction applications are examined through literature review and examples based on technical visits to the existing building, construction site, workshop or factory. A brief overview of tree species, industrial processes of wood and wood based products, technical characteristics of wood as a building material are presented, as well as dimensioning of constructional wood and connection methods. Basic knowledge is given on both the wooden structures and the wooden building elements such as walls, floors, roofs, stairs, etc. The course also covers the integration of service systems and sub-systems in wooden structures.

Course Coordinator
Gülfer Oraz
Hülya Kuş
Course Language
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