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SBP 447E - Urban Structure and Form

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the principles of form, structure and pattern and to discuss them;
2. To introduce the ways of formation and deformation;
3. To introduce different approaches in how to read the change in urban space from a historical perspective;
4. To introduce methods in analysing urban space in terms of changing form, structure and pattern;
5. To discuss how we can benefit from analysing urban space from a historical perspective;
6. To introduce how outputs of urban space analyses can be used as inputs for urban design and planning;
7. To analyse and discuss the change in elements of urban space in case study areas.

Course Description

elements of urban space: form, structure and pattern, ways of form and deformation, understanding urban space, change in urban space, different approaches to analysing urban space, methods to analyse urban space, historical perspective, socio-spatial change, inputs for urban design and planning, case studies.

Course Coordinator
Aslı Ulubaş Hamurcu
Course Language
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