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TES 122E - Vis.CommII:Visualization&Persp

Course Objectives

1. Understanding the strong inter-relationship between drawing and construction,
2. Adapting drawing and communication skills to decision-making,
3. Learning the language of line weight contour, tone and texture, structure and space,
4. Learning different externalization and visualization techniques such as mapping, diagramming and documenting scenario and process,
5. Learning composition, collage and poster making techniques with using the basic principles of graphic design effectively.

Course Description

1. Free hand perspectives of simple geometrical shapes,
2. Axonometric perspectives,
3. Rules of the one and two vanishing point perspectives,
4. Standing point, variations of the vertical and horizontal viewing angles,
5. Showing object or building perspectives in its environment,
6. Shade and shadow in multi-view and axonometric views
7. Examples and applications to perspectives of details,
8. Explanation of the perspectives used in design presentation,
9. Rendering and toning techniques,
10. Externalization and visualization techniques: Mapping (cognitive, behavioral, spatial and etc.), diagramming, sketching, mood-boards, story-boards and scenario-boards,
11. Presentation techniques: Basics of graphic design, composition, collage, poster, using infographics, typography and symbols.

Course Coordinator
Aslı Ulubaş Hamurcu
Mine Özkar Kabakçıoğlu
Course Language
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