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SBP 4037E - Urban Ecology

Course Objectives

This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of fundamental concepts in Ecology, Ecosystems, and Settlements, delving into ecological processes and the theoretical foundations of urban ecology. Participants will explore the dynamic dynamics of urbanization and the intricate interactions between urban ecosystems and human activities. The course will emphasize planning approaches grounded in the preservation of the natural environment, focusing on sustainable practices, natural resource management, and the theoretical underpinnings of urban ecology. Additionally, students will be introduced to innovative methodologies for sustaining ecosystems, with a specific focus on ecological profiling and eco-mapping techniques.

Course Description

Welcome to SBP 4037E (CRN 22952), a 2-credit course that offers an in-depth exploration of the intricate relationship between urban development and ecosystems. Throughout this course, we will delve into the dynamic interactions between human settlements and ecosystems, critically assess the impacts of urban development demands, and analyze the dynamics of urban development in the context of fundamental environmental issues.

Our learning journey will be enriched with a multimedia approach. Course topics will be supported by documentaries, readings, photographs, and podcasts, providing a diverse and immersive learning experience. Engaging discussions will be complemented by visual and auditory resources, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Furthermore, we will take a critical look at urban planning and policies from an ecological standpoint, evaluating their impact on ecosystems and the fundamental cycles influenced by environmental issues. As we explore alternative plans and policies, our collective aim is to contribute to informed and sustainable urban development practices.

Join us in this course as we navigate the complexities of urban ecology, integrating various forms of media to enhance our understanding and application of theory in the real world!

Course Coordinator
Rumeysa Ceylan Çalışkan
Course Language
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