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ENT 357E - Mechanics and Manufacturability in Product Design

Course Objectives

1. To equip the students with basic knowledge on mechanical design, so that they can lead the product development process and create mechanical design solutions.
2. To equip the industrial designer with basic mechanical and technical knowledge so that the interaction between industrial design and mechanical design departments in a firm will be stronger.

Course Description

The design of product components. Evaluation of product components in terms of mechanical design. Materials and material selection. Standard parts and fasteners. Manufacturing technologies. Mechanical and electro-mechanical mechanisms. Assembly methods. Processes to change the components" physical properties and appearance. Quality control methods. The influence of the chosen manufacturing method and material upon design. Factors influencing the manufacturing method choices. Systems for controlling design and manufacturing methods.

Course Coordinator
Ekrem Cem Alppay
Dilcu Salihoğlu
Course Language
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