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ICM 4041E - Urban Interiors

Course Objectives

This course aims:
1. To convey basic knowledge on urban interiors,
2. To inform about various approaches, techniques and contemporary issues within this concept
3. To relate various methods and processes for reading and evaluating urban interiors’ influences
with interior architectural design.
4. To translate theoretical insights into practical design projects, allowing students to synthesize and apply their knowledge in creative and purposeful ways.

Course Description

This course addresses interior design in relation to the urban spaces and poses the potential of urban interior as an interior design practice. Given that the concept of 'interiority' has transcended the confines of domestic settings to permeate public spaces, interior architecture and design strive to broaden and adapt their thematic scope, transcending traditional spatial boundaries to engage with contemporary communal areas. With urban spaces increasingly mirroring the rituals and habits of domestic interiors, a significant facet of interior culture now directs its focus towards the cityscape. This research approach, though now well-established, remains relatively undiscovered in its complexity. The course adopts a seminar-studio format, guiding students through a synthesis of theoretical exploration, case studies, and design projects. This unique combination equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to transform urban spaces into compelling and purposeful environments, contributing to the dynamic evolution of our urban landscapes.

Course Coordinator
Ahmet Erdem Tozoğlu
Ahmet Erdem Tozoğlu
Course Language
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