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MIM 212E - Architectural Design IV

Course Objectives

This studio will continue its search of collaborative, uncompetitive, and unheroic architectures that flourish collective imaginations among us and the society in general. This semester we will start from a geological phenomenon, obruk (how sinkhole is called in Anatolia) to question the relationship of architecture to earth as different balances of spatial, material, structural, cultural, social, political, and ecological becomings. The idea of earth being not a resource to consume but a body of living and non-living collectives, leads us to act with a sense of responsibility to others who inhabits it. We will try to understand how kinships are formed through obruks and propose an architecture that may be restless enough to continuously make connections and be a resident long enough to develop and nourish them.

Course Description

The studio is called Collective Imaginations, referring to a feminist pedagogy, which encourages egalitarian engagement, active and continuous participation, collective production, and horizontal decision-making. Collectivity is sought in not only physical production but in the spirit by sharing and caring for others. We use feminist methods of storytelling, drawing, and fabrication. We will aim to achieve a transdisciplinary approach, working and thinking through theatre, literature, visual arts, philosophy, and architecture. It is proposed that the studio may be created everywhere and anytime, as long as committed and collective participation is achieved. The tutors organize daily, weekly and term tasks. Yet, the students are encouraged to participate in organization of studio productions, propose alternative tasks and extra-curricular events.

Course Coordinator
Sıdıka Aslıhan Şenel
Course Language
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