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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Peyzaj Planlaması ve Tasarım
English Landscape Planning and Design
Course Code
SBP 262 Credit Lecture
Semester 4
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Fatma Ayçim Türer Başkaya
Course Objectives -To provide basic knowledge for landscape planning AS a major field in urbanism, architecture and landscape architecture
-To provide basic knowledge about green space types and standards
-To provide basic knowledge about landscape planning issues
Course Description Introduction to Landscape Architecture. Historical development of Urban Landscape concepts. Systemic planning of Green Areas. Typology and standards of green areas. Open spaces in residential areas, playgrounds, Concepts of parks and their varieties. Squares and pedestrian alleys. Sporting areas. Botanical and zoological gardens. National parks and recreational area planning
Course Outcomes 1 - Discuss landscape planning issues in relation with urbanism, architecture and landscape architecture
2 - Gain insight to the issues of green system planning
3 - Evaluate green space types and standards
4 - Evaluate the concept of park and different types of park
5 - Produce ideas for landscape planning issues such as open spaces in residential areas, playgrounds, squares and pedestrian alleys, sporting areas, botanical and zoological gardens. national parks and
6 - Define the open space design problems and able to solve spatial relations with functional settings
Required Facilities
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