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SBP 450 - Urban Regeneration Models and Practices

Course Objectives

Urban Regeneration Models and Practices provides students with a comprehensive overview of the purpose, scope, means and effectiveness of urban regeneration planning system in evaluating and controlling the design of development and the quality of wider built environments. Urban Regeneration Models and Practices introduce students to some of the central issues and debates in urban regeneration. Using real world examples, students will be encouraged to place regeneration in its historical and theoretical context. Seminars and lectures will link the themes of participation, physical environment and the module will form the basis of later core modules concentrating on those themes. The module is intended as an introduction to the three dimensions of regeneration, the economic, social, physical and legal concentrating in particular on the inter-relationships between them. It aims to develop students’ critical skills in asking them to look at different ways of assessing policy initiatives. Through workshops and group work, students will develop skills in debate and presentation, and an appreciation of the causes and consequences of policy initiatives and the multiple perspectives that can be taken in considering them.

Course Description

Tools and models of urban regeneration; International and local implementations; analysing of specific urban problems; defining of regeneration problems; Urban regeneration project design; Urban regeneration project management; Regeneration project monitoring and evaluation.

Course Coordinator
Özlem Özçevik
Course Language
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