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EUT 448E - Visual Design

Course Objectives

1- Obtaining the effective development of the design student in parallel with the skills of perception, observation that promise visual knowledge.
2 - Teaching the techniques of analysis, interpretation, abstraction and visualization with perceptive mental processes that have an important ROLE in design education.

Course Description

Visual communication. Visual language, visual perception. Freehand drawing techniques, fields of reference for design, the possibilities of translation, design graphics. The invisible dynamics of graphics, the visual elements of design. The primary graphic elements, shape. Solids and cavities, the superimposition of form, light and dark, textural effects, color, organization of the elements: visual design, unity, balance, rhythm, proportion and perceptual order, the principles of composition, the gestalt theory of expression, perceiving the elements: aesthetics, various aesthetic categories in design.

Course Coordinator
Fatma Pınar Özemir
Course Language
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