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SBP 111E - Project I

Course Objectives

1 - Definition of main issues in urban planning such AS comprehension of physical and social environment, scale, climatic features, built environment and elements, site investigation, settlement population, mobility, sense of belonging, individuality, s
2 - Developing Definition and solving skills by means of written, verbal and graphic representation communication and modeling techniques,
3 - Improving the consciousness related to sustainability and identity of settlement and conducting in team Work.

Course Description

Drawing tools, model and material definition; Written, oral, freehand graphical and drawing presentations, scale and cartography, information on plan, section and view, natural structural elements and settlement relations, identity of settlement, topography and natural structure analyses, exercises related to these analyses and synthesis. Introductory level subjects; Development of human being and society and spatial differentiation, spatial relations, function-space relationship, transportation, urban space, vision - perception, elements that form the urban space, image. Building, building scale, floor area ratio (F.A.R.) and building coverage ratio (B.C.R.), volume, building order, density, different analysis and representation techniques for different spaces ranging from building vicinity to urban scale, street, square, open space, green areas, human scale. Technical representation of all works and practices held in the project.

Course Coordinator
Başak Demireş Özkul
Course Language
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