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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Peyzaj Yönetimi
English Landscape Management
Course Code
PEM 419E Credit Lecture
Semester 7
2 2 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Fatma Ayçim Türer Başkaya
Course Objectives 1.To define the landscape management and its basic components,
2.To explain the role of institutional environment in landscape management,
3.To present various local to global scale landscape management techniques,
4.To present cases with different qualifications
Course Description Landscape management and sustainability; Environmental problems and landscape management; Theories and techniques of landscape management; Environmental politics, laws and institutions, Non government organization and landscape management, Citizen participation, techniques in landscape design, planning and management; Successful landscape management cases
Course Outcomes Students who pass the course will be able to:
I.Understand the role of landscape architects in landscape management,
II.Comprehend the existing legal and administrative structure effective on landscape studies of various scales,
III.Understand planning hierarchy and recognizes the integration among plans,
IV.Understand and develop new approaches related to sustainable resource management,
V.Use public participation techniques in landscape design and planning endeavors.
Pre-requisite(s) (PEM242E Landscape Ecology)
Required Facilities
Other References
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