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PEM 433E - Topics in Landscape Urbanism

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the theory and praxis of Landscape Urbanism
2. To provide critical thinking on contemporary landscape design
3. To introduce landscape urbanism approaches and their design attitudes and discuss the conceptual framework raised by recent built works.

Course Description

The objectives of this elective course are to introduce recent topics in contemporary landscape architecture by focusing the theory of landscape urbanism. The course includes the issues namely; landscape urbanism themes and context, historical development of the theory, Landscape Approaches in New Urbanism and Green Urbanism, Ecological Urbanism and Integral Urbanism, Ecology and Environment (Themes and Context), Concept of Ecosystem Services and Urban Environment, Operational Landscapes (Nature, Infrastructure and Urban Conditions, Land, Water and Vegetation, Wetland Regeneration, self-engineering ecologies, Microclimatic Strategies, Waste Landscapes, and Recovery.

Course Coordinator
Meltem Erdem Kaya
Course Language
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