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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Bilgisayar Destekli 3 Boyutlu Modelleme
English Computer Aided 3D Modeling
Course Code
EUT 282E Credit Lecture
Semester 4
2 1 2 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Ekrem Cem Alppay
Ekrem Cem Alppay
Course Objectives Using advanced modeling techniques students will be able to create forms that are producible. Contemporary visualization tools will be used for creating realistic images. Students will gain the ability to create alternatives during the process of design and improve various properties of the product such as form, color, texture, material and ergonomics.
Course Description Introduction to advanced surface modeling techniques. NURBS modeling. Various curve and surface creation methods, The concept of continuity and its types. The process of modeling of a product with class A surfaces starting from a concept sketch. Basic elements of product visualization: Object, camera, scene, light and material. Advanced visualization techniques. Assembly and rapid prototyping applications.
Course Outcomes Students will be able to,
1. Understand the mathematical fundamentals of 3D modeling, and learn the basic concepts
2. Gain knowledge about advanced modeling techniques
3. Develop forms that are producible
4. Develop the basic skills for creating 3D models from sketches
5. Gain knowledge about visualization techniques
Required Facilities Computer Laboratory
Other References
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