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MIM 370E - Internal Sub-Div Sys in Bldngs

Course Objectives

1. To make students gain comprehensive and detailed information about internal sub division systems and components.
2. To make students understand the function of internal sub division systems in buildings and its importance in building design.
3. To improve design capability of students about internal sub division systems.

Course Description

Objectives and scope of the course and related definitions; Internal sub-divisions in building: division and separation walls, floors and ceilings; Performance analysis of the internal subdivision systems: user requirements, environmental factors, performance requirements determined with regard to their basic functions, and their performance in place; Physical analysis of division and separation walls, floors, and ceilings; Forming, dimensioning, jointing and integration of these systems.
Studio work: design and/or evaluation of alternative solutions, selection, and detailing.

Course Coordinator
Gülten Aslıhan Ünlü
Course Language
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