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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Uygulama Projesi
English Construction Project
Course Code
MIM 431E Credit Lecture
Semester 7
5 2 6 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Fatih Yazıcıoğlu
Course Objectives 1. Provide the ability for finding architectural solutions with consideration to technical , aesthetical and legislative factors, in the process of design/development of subsystems in accordance with building function and their integration.
2. Provide information on selecting materials in design.
3. Provide the ability to develop details for building elements and the preparation of a design completed for construction.
Course Description Materials, building construction, enviromental control and project management in building design, Design and detailing of architectural systems, Integration and coordination of building sub-systems (building elements, structural, service), Design according to building codes and regulations (byelaws, earthquake, thermal protection etc.), Preparing documents for each design stage (preliminary, construction etc) with suitable techniques.
Course Outcomes 1. Ability to design the building and its elements and details, completed for construction.
2. Ability to design with building physics, environmental control, sustainability criteria at every building scale.
3. Ability of desicion making for materials fulfilling performance requirements.
4. Ability to make preliminary desicions on structural system type, material and pattern, service systems and the ability to integrate structural systems, service sytems with building elements in the building design process.
5. Ability to integrate codes and regulations into design at all building scales.
6. Ability to planning the design process, to make technically drawings appropriate for each design stage, write outline specifications, and prepare models illustrating and identifying the assembly of materials, systems, and components.
Required Facilities
Textbook Bovill, C.,Architectural design : integration of structural and environmental systems, Van Nostrand Reinhold, c1991
Other References 1. Rich,P., Dean, Y., Principles of element design, Architectural Press, 1999.
2. Sarı, A., Düşey Sirkülasyon Araçları: Merdivenler, İstanbul: YEM Yayınları, 1993.
3. Orton, A., The Way We Build Now, Spon Pres, 2001.
4. Rosen, H.J., Heineman, T., Architectural Materials for Construction, McGraw-Hill Inc., 1996.
5. Lechner, N., Heating, cooling, lighting : sustainable design methods for architects, John Wiley & Sons, 2009
6. Moussavi, F., Biçimin işlevi, YEM, 2011.
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