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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Yapı Zemin İlişkisi
English Building Sub-Structure & Ground
Course Code
MIM 465E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 - - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Fatih Yazıcıoğlu
Course Objectives 1. To explain the importance of ground in architectural design process and as a part of it especially construction sub-process.
2. To give information about ground investigation, excavation and application of the building.
3. To define the performance requirements of building elements related with ground.
4. To explain design input and methods of building elements related with ground.
Course Description Terminology, concepts, relationship between ground and building
Site survey, ground investigation and improvement, soil types
Setting out of building, excavation and machines for excavation, temporary supports for trench walls.
Building components in contact with ground: foundations, foundation and basement walls and ground and basement floors.
Building movement in ground.
Damp proofing, water proofing and thermal insulation in floors on ground, and basement floors and walls.
Course Outcomes 1. To gain ability to understand and analyse the relation of building sub-systems with ground.
2. To be able to understand the relation of components and junctions of building elements with ground.
3. To be able to understand the protection principles of the building elements from the negative effects of ground.
4. To be able to understand and analyse the construction processes of building sub-systems and especially building elements related with ground.
5. To be able to understand the ground conditions and factors of the ground which are effecting the buildings.
Pre-requisite(s) MIM 244 MIN DD
or MIM 244E MIN DD
or MIM 241 MIN DD
or MIM 241E MIN DD
Required Facilities
Textbook Chudley, R. and Greeno, R. Building construction Handbook, Oxford: Elsevier, 2008
Other References Allen E., Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods, Canada: John Wiley & Sons, 1990.
Chudley, R., Construction Technology, Vol. I – IV, London: Longman Group Ltd. 1987.
Eser, L., Geleneksek ve Gelişmiş Yapı, İstanbul: İTÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi, 1977.
Foster, S.J., Structure and Fabrics, Part 2, B.T. London, Batsford Ltd., 1982.
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