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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Bilgisayar Destekli Tasarım
English Computer Aided Design
Course Code
EUT 241E Credit Lecture
Semester 3
2 1 2 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Ekrem Cem Alppay
Course Objectives 1. To let the students gain knowledge about computer aided design software,
2. Get familiar with existing commercial CAD software and learn how to utilize them in the design process.
3. Be able to create 2D and 3D representations and create presentations using basic visualization techniques.
Course Description History of computer aided design. Utilization of computers in design. Computer Aided design systems, computer languages and characteristics. Computer aided design, softwares. The basic principles of computer aided design, drafting, drawing, representation softwares. Explanation of the principles of some important software, Explanation of the principles of some important software like Rhinoceros, 3 D Stdio Max ;2 Dimensional design commands. 3 Dimensional design commands: Frames, surfaces, solids. Applications in the laboratory.
Course Outcomes Students, who passed the course satisfactorily can:
1. Gain knowledge about computer aided design software.
2. Develop the design process using computer modeling techniques
2. Represent design ideas by creating 2D and 3D models using CAD software.
3. Create presentations using basic visualization techniques.
Required Facilities
Textbook Cheng R. K. C., 2014, Inside Rhinoceros 5, Cengage Learning,
Other References Dönmez C. 2011, Rhinoceros 4 ile Modelleme, Rhinoakademi, İstanbul
Kutscheraurer A, 2011, 3 D Car Modeling with Rhinoceros, AK3D, Münich
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