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SBP 321E - Urban Design

Course Objectives

To introduce the urban pattern by considering the both social (cultural, social, economic, administrative, human behaviors, etc.) and physical guides and to describe the design approaches

Course Description

To define the relationships between socio-cultural, economic, administrative structures and spatial structure in different periods in cities
To describe the elements which comprise urban pattern: theories, definitions, urban space and the relations between the urban space and human-being
To define the sensual and emotional evaluation systems,
To describe visual perception action patterns
To discuss the function, form, ratio, scale evaluations
To discuss aesthetical evaluations, urban space; positive and negative elements, structural and functional features, the concept of texture, color, light, shadow, harmony, contrast, balance, symmetry, asymmetry, axes and dominant elements on urban scale

Course Coordinator
Gülden Demet Oruç Ertekin
Course Language
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