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EUT 453E - Basic Princip. of Yacht Dsgn

Course Objectives

1. Introduction the basic principles of (visual and ergonomic) small and medium size yacht designing to the students.
2. Introduce students to naval architectural terminology.
3. Introduce students to producing methods of wooden, steel and compozit yachts and provide them to see production process by performing visits to yachts building companies.
4. Make students to design superstructure and hull of a yacht (above the waterline) in the project work. Teach them to design interior of a yacht according to exterior design.

Course Description

Type of Yachts, Basic Principles of Yacht Design, Layout Drawings, Giving General Information About Naval Architecture Subjects, Yacht Building Methods, Visiting Yacht Building Company, Designing Interior and Exterior of Yachts, Preparing Drawings of Yacht Project, Presentation of Yacht Designs.

Course Coordinator
Şebnem Helvacıoğlu
Layıka Ney Ece Arıburun Kırca
Course Language
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