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MIM 232E - Reinforced Concrete Structures

Course Objectives

1.Introduction of reinforced concrete as a structural material.
2.Develop understanding of design of reinforced concrete structures.
3.Introduce the principles of ultimate strength theory and develop knowledge and ability to use of related building codes.
4.Ability to calculate reinforced concrete structural elements according to ultimate strength theory.
5.Ability to design suitable load bearing reinforced concrete elements for considered structures.

Course Description

Introduction, properties, related building codes, principles of ultimate limit state design, beams under simple bending, dimensionless coefficients, beams under combined bending, cross-sections with double reinforcement, T-section beams, beams under shear, columns,, one-way and two-way reinforced concrete slabs.

Introduction of reinforced concrete load bearing systems, stages of design, load cases, principles of arrangement for reinforced concrete load bearing systems, reinforced concrete slab systems, joints of reinforced concrete structures, tall buildings, fundamentals of system behavior under lateral loads, reinforced concrete roofs, precast roof systems, purlins and plates, reinforced concrete frames, continuous frames, cantilevers, archs, shells, cylindrical shells, shells of double curvature, folded plates, principles of Turkish Seismic Code.

Course Coordinator
Halet Almıla Büyüktaşkın
Course Language
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