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SBP 105E - Other Worlds

Course Objectives

1. Using sci-fi and fantastic literature for analysis and elaboration of social issues and human settlements.
2. Understanding different social and spatial structures and the relationship between existing structure and alternative future scenarios.
3. Introducing and discussing main social and urban dynamics.
4. Introducing the impact of technological innovations on society and human settlements.
5. Introducing the major works of sci-fi and fantastic literature.

Course Description

The primary aim of this course is to introduce students the major works of science fiction and fantastic literature. Excerpts of master-works from different sub-genres will be read and discussed throughout the semester for this purpose. At the end, students will be familiar to the fantastic and science fiction literature and hopefully they will expand their libraries according to their own taste.
The course does not only focus on different sub-genres of science fiction and fantastic literature, but also evaluates them systematically with relation to the dynamics of society and the human condition in general. Particular attention is paid to the settlements and spatial structures that can be considered as “cities” within the context of stories. By doing this, the course aims to contribute to the education process of students by helping them understanding what “the urban” means for human societies.
Finally the course aims to establish connection with the basic scientific facts that establish the background of science fiction novels. In this way, it is aimed to help students gain creative thinking skills, which are based on the given scientific and social conditions, and can evolve in various ways leading to many alternative futures.

Course Coordinator
Ervin Sezgin
Course Language
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