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MIM 221E - Hstry of Turkish Architecture

Course Objectives

1.Development of the Turkish architecture
2.Aesthtic and proportion concepts in Turkish architecture
3.Understanding the influence of the local traditions and historical heritage

Course Description

Pre-Islamic Turkish architecture in Asia, Uighur, Karakhanid, Ghaznevid, Seljuk architecture and
the origins of the Anatolian Turkish architecture; space, mass, façade and structure design
characteristics and form language of the early Anatolian emirates, Anatolian Seljuks, 14th c.
emirates and Ottoman architecture until the end of the 17th c. with various examples of building
types, such as mosques, madrasas, hospitals, tombs, caravanserails, palaces and building

Course Coordinator
Aygül Ağır
Course Language
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