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EUT 339E - Basic Design Principles of Lighting Luminaire

Course Objectives

A lighting luminaire has to fulfill all its expected functions in terms of lighting technology, beyond being a decorative element. Lack of designers with enough technical knowledge has caused great difficulties and inaccuracies in the production of lighting luminaires. Nowadays, manufacturers of lighting devices, trying to put out new functional designs beyond imitation, are in search of designers who know the lighting technique. It is aimed to provide basic technical knowledge of lighting technique and luminaire design to industry product designers.

Course Description

Light, lighting, classification and quality of lighting; photometric symbols and optical laws; human eye and seeing, physiologic and optical principals, visual comfort and glare; artificial light sources, luminous flux distribution characteristics of different light sources; Lighting luminaries, their basic functions, luminous flux distribution characteristics of different light luminaries; materials, reflectors, refractors, diffusers, screening devices, seals and filters in luminaries production; photometric data sheet of indoor and outdoor lighting luminaries, physical and mechanical protection performances of luminaries; light sources and their electrical electronic components and their effects on luminaire design; lighting luminaire design process and phases; application - designing a lighting luminaire.

Course Coordinator
Sermin Onaygil
Course Language
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