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ICM 325 - History, Theory and Criticism in Interior Architecture IV

Course Objectives

Course aims;
1. To examine the ecoles and the names from the 20th century in their own contex,
2. To examine the space samples form the 20th century in a conceptual context,
3. To instruct the ecoles and names related to the ?gesamkunstwerk?,
4. To furnish the students with the ability of critical thinking and expression..

Course Description

Studying the ecoles created in architecture, interior architecture, design and art of the 20th century by samples, in the social, historical, cultural context by interrelating with the causality;samples of ecoles and people related to ?gesamkunstwerk?; Major executors and theorists of the modern movement; Architecture and esthetics in the preWWII era; Post war avantgard movements and the end of the century; Architecture & interiors in the republican era in Turkey

Course Coordinator
Deniz Çalışır Pençe
Course Language
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