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SBP 418E - Participation in Planning

Course Objectives

The involvement of community members in theory and practice has emerged as a critical component for the planning field. Without doubt, inclusion and participation of target persons, groups and end-users in design process is also critical to professions concerning landscape, building, interior and industrial product design. This course focuses on the ways in which planning and design practitioners collaborate with community members/public to conduct research that leads to meet project goals, community development, user satisfaction, and improvement in quality of life. Such efforts often call for clarifications and/or redefinitions of planners’ and designers’ roles and methods, the knowledge development roles of participating community members, and the varying meanings of “participation” and “community.” In this course, attention will be paid to scholarly debates, practical, and methodological issues in the conduct of participatory planning and design. This course will also address the major issues involved in conducting participatory research across different geographies in the world. Undergraduate students from different departments are provided with the opportunity to come together to share perspectives, develop new skills and explore how they can apply this learning to participatory planning and design projects.1.To explain different models and methods related to public participation in urban planning;
2.To explain public interest and representation concepts;
3.To explain and research importance of public participation;
4.To determine varied aspects of public participation by playing participation games in urban planning process

Course Description

Theories related to democracy and participation. Public interest and the concept of representation.Decision making processes and decision environments. Basic questions related to public participation. Public Participation models. Techniques for participation in planning. Case studies and evaluation of participation practices in planning.

Course Coordinator
İmge Akçakaya Waıte Jr
Course Language
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