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KMM 331 - Mass Transfer

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the principles of mass transfer.
2. To teach the determination/calculation of laminar and turbulent diffusion coefficients.
3. To teach the interphase mass transfer in emphasis with mass transfer resistance concept.
4. To deal with thermodynamic principles, and the modelling of multi-stage operation of gas absorption systems.
5. To study distillation operations based on liquid-vapor equilibria, on the examples of flash, simple and rectification.
6. To gain knowledge about liquid-liquid separation by the cross-current and counter-current extraction operations.
7. To increase the perception of the mass transfer operations from chemical engineering applications through the problem solving by students.

Course Description

1. Molecular diffusion, mass transfer coefficients depending on flow conditions and equipment geometry, equilibrium between two phases and the concept of mass transfer resistance.
2. The foundations, applications and column design of gas absorption operations.
3. Liquid-vapor equilibria, azeotropic mixtures, the principles of single and multi-stage distillation operations and equipment design.
4. The explanation of ternary liquid-liquid equilibria by right angle triangular diagrams, and the rating of the cross-current and counter-current extraction operations.

Course Coordinator
Sinan Kutluay
Course Language
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