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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Mass transfer, molecular and bulk diffusion, diffusion in multicomponent systems.
2 Determination/calculation of mass transfer coefficients. Analogy among momentum, heat and mass transfer and dimensionless numbers and correlations.
3 Mass transfer by turbulent diffusion, dimensionless numbers and mass transfer correlations and mass transfer theories
4 Equilibrium and resistance concepts by the mass transfer between phases, relations between individual and overall mass transfer coefficients and relative resistances.
5 Gas Absorption, Henry's Law, Solvent Selection Criteria, Gas absorption in tray column, operational relationship, minimum solvent amount and the number of trays.
6 Mass transfer in packed column (number of transfer units and height of transfer units) and hydrodynamics.
7 Flash and simple distillation.
8 Numerical methods in rectification.
9 Graphical methods in rectification.
10 Hydraulics and design of sieve plates.
11 Liquid-liquid extraction and phase diagrams.
12 Cross-current extraction.
13 Counter-current extraction.
14 Solving the sample problems
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