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GID 222E - Microbiology

Course Objectives

1. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of cell structures, types of microorganisms, and factors affecting their growth;
2. Recognize interrelations among problems.
3. Articulate ideas clearly and concisely;
4. Demonstrate ability to learn independently;
5. Scale down information to what is important;
6. Cooperate with others;
7. Seek information on problems from multiple sources;
8. Plan and deliver presentation effectively using multimedia tools;

Course Description

Characteristics of microorganisms: antigenic, metabolic genetic ecological, morphological; Biology of cells; Structures and characteristics of cells and organelles Microbial spore formation, Microbial growth and growth requirements and nutrition; bacterial kinetics, microbial metabolism and energy,; Diversity of microorganisms; Characteristics of viruses; Microbial genetic, the regulation of gene expression, genetic modification (GMO); Important microorganisms in food, environment, medical and industry.TBD

Course Coordinator
Fatih Ortakcı
Course Language
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