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MET 215 - Fundamentals of Metallurgical Thermodynamics

Course Objectives

1 - To provide students to understand basic concepts of thermodynamics and importance in metallurgical and materials engineering.
2 - To provide students to understand importance of energy and energy saving in metallurgical and materials engineering.
3 - To provide students to perform thermodynamic calculations for basic metallurgical and materials engineering processes
4 - To provide students to use thermodynamic in the selection of processes in metallurgical and materials engineering.

Course Description

The first law of thermodynamics, enthalpy, heat capacity, heat of reaction, combustion and fuels, flame temperature, second law of thermodynamics, entropy and the criterion for equilibrium, third law of thermodynamics, variation of entropy as a function of temperature, free energy, equilibrium in thermodynamic systems, phase equilibrium in a one-component system, standard Gibbs free energy change, equilibrium constant, oxidation reactions, Ellingham diagrams, reduction of oxides.

Course Coordinator
Süheyla Aydın
Course Language
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