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KMM 434 - Quality Environment & Safety

Course Objectives

1. To provide information on environment, public healt and safety .
2. To provide information on regulation and laws, national and international standarts and their implantation in chemical engineering applications.
3. To provide information on concept of total quality.
4. To develop student’s skills in written and oral communication in Turkish.
5. To give students an awareness of professional and ethical responcibility.

Course Description

Environmental impact of chemical processes Turkish Environmental Law and Regulations. Environmental Manegement Systems. Responcible Care. ISO 14000 Series Standarts. Total Quality Managemant. ISO 9000 Satandarta. EFQM Business Excellence Model. Issues related to health and safety in chemical industry. Managenment of hazardous chemicals. Waste managemant in chemical industry. Implantation of Responsible Care in chemical industry. Concept of Engineering Ethics, Social Responsible.

Course Coordinator
Hasan Can Okutan
Hasan Can Okutan
Ahmet Alper Aydın
Halil Dertli
Ali Öztürk
Course Language
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