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MET 475E - Powder Metallurgy

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the field of Powder Metallurgy and engineering applications; from historical background to contemporary advanced applications
2. To introduce and explain basic methodologies and techniques for metal powder production
3. To describe important powder characteristics, and related characterization techniques.
4. To explain basic shaping and consolidation technologies applied in P/M and preparation necessary powder mixtures necessary to them.
5. To explain sintering phenomena and related sintering technologies
6. To provide information on secondary operations applied in P/M and introduce some of contemporary P/M engineering applications.

Course Description

This course aims to introduce powder metallurgy (P/M) technique and its engineering applications.P/M is a processing approach which is a subdivision of metalworking technologies. It offers net-shape or near-net-shape fabrication which is a key objective and main advantages of this method compared to other competative processes. The process basicly involves transforming powders into consolidated products while desired material properties are attained via adjusting initial powder chemistry, selecting shaping technology, applying necessary sintering practice and heat treatments to reach final microstructure

Course Coordinator
Burak Özkal
Burak Özkal
Course Language
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