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INS 423E - Fundamentals of Earthquake Eng

Course Objectives

To introduce the fundamental concepts of earthquake engineering.
To provide an integration frame work for the various components of the earthquake, and structural behavior.
To discuss building code concepts but this is not a design course.

Course Description

The earthquakes. Why and how they occur. Ground motion.
Seismic regions. Intensity, magnitude and energy of an earthquake.
Single degree of freedom systems. Undamped, damped and forced
vibrations. Vibration isolation. Vibration measuring instruments. Transient forces. Earthquake motion and response spectra. Multi-degrees of freedom systems. Concept of earthquake resistant design. Development of design guidelines. Seismic load analysis.

Course Coordinator
Pınar Özdemir Çağlayan
Pınar Özdemir Çağlayan
Course Language
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