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DNK 201 - Dynamics

Course Objectives

1. to understand the key concepts and ideas of Dynamics
2. to comprehend interrelated but separate principles of Dynamics, understand their
distinctive features, and learn to apply on proper type of problems
3. to introduce different approaches for studying dynamic problems
4. perform dynamic analysis of rigid mechanical systems in a systematic way and to evaluate resulting dynamic configurations
5. to introduce the fundamentals of mechanical vibrations and study one-degree of freedom systems

Course Description

Definitions and principal axioms. Kinematics of particles. Linear, plane and general motions. Relative motion. Kinetics of particles. Newton’s laws. Impulse and momentum principle. Work and Energy. Motion with resistance. Central-force Motion systems of particles. Collision. Variables mass. Kinematics of Rigid Bodies. Kinetics of Rigid Bodies. Work and Energy. Impulse and momentum. Fixed-Axis rotation of rigid body. Plane motion of rigid body. Vibration of rigid body. Relative motion.

Course Coordinator
Arcan Yanık
Course Language
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