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INS 411 - Steel Structures I

Course Objectives

to provide the design fundamentals of steel structures and the principles for proportioning of structural
steel members and connections
- to develop skills for 3D-imagining in design and proportioning processes
- to develop the ability to implement the design fundamentals and proportioning principles on
engineering problems through the examples and homework assignment

Course Description

Historical development of steel structures / Introduction to steel structures / Properties of structural steel /
Design principles for steel structures. / Safety, loads and load combinations / Connections and fasteners /
Riveted and bolted connections / Welded connections / Tension members / Splice connections in tension
members / Compression members / Single compression members / Built-up compression members /
Design of tie plates and lacing members / Design of flexural members with rolled sections and their splice
connections / Built-up flexural members / Members subject to combined axial force and bending moments /
Design of roof trusses / Bracing systems for stability of roof trusses and connection details

Course Coordinator
Barlas Özden Çağlayan
Course Language
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