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GEO 315E - Fund. of Geographic Inf. Sys.

Course Objectives

The students will gain the skills of basic theory and practice on GIS. Students will understand spatial data and relevant conceptual theories. Within this context, design and implementation of a GIS that is compatible with national and international standards will be performed, where after achieving this students will be capable of integrating the theory and practice, and understand the potential of GIS for solving multi - disciplinary applications.

Course Description

The course incorporates rapidly developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) theory and applications. This course, being the first within the GIS package, fundamentals of GIS, methods, data modeling, analyses, visualization and project management themes are covered. In addition to these fundamental concepts, problems and alternative solutions for spatial data handling, conceptual data modeling, spatial data analyses and GIS project management consistent with national and international standards is covered.

Course Coordinator
Dursun Zafer Şeker
Course Language
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