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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Yapı Statiği I
English Theory of Structures I
Course Code
INS 311 Credit Lecture
Semester 5
- 2 1 -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Ercan Yüksel
Course Objectives 1. Analysis of statically determinate structures subjected to external effects
2. Analysis of statically determinate structures subjected to live loads
3. Calculation of displacements of statically determinate structures
Course Description General concepts, analysis of statically determinate structures subjected to static loads, determination of
internal forces, internal force diagrams, analysis for moving loads, influence lines, the structural
systems with internal hinges, and computation of deformations and displacements of statically
determinate structures.
Course Outcomes Students, who pass the course can satisfactorily can:
1. Classify structural systems (stable/unstable, determinate/indeterminate) and load types
2. Apply equations of static equilibrium to determine internal forces (axial forces, shear forces, and
bending moments) in statically determinate beams, trusses, frames, arches and draw the internal
force diagrams.
3. Draw influence line diagrams, and critically place live loads on statically determinate beams and
frames using influence line diagrams.
4. Determine deflections of statically determinate beams, frames and trusses
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