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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Introduction
2 Property and real estate concepts. Legal aspects of property. Role of the real estate valuation in land management, the relationship between and other related applications
3 Overview of the Turkish taxation system. The historical background of legislation relating to land assessment in Turkey. Basic principles of the real estate tax system.
4 The basic concepts of real estate appraisal. Examination of the criteria in real estate appraisal. Identification of factors that influence value.
5 Real estate appraisal methods. The basic principles of classical valuation method. Using the Comparison method in real estate valuation.
6 Using the Income method in real estate valuation. Using the Cost method in real estate valuation. Statistical and combined techniques in real estate valuation applications.
7 Using the nominal valuation method for large-land areas. Comparison of real estate valuations methods.
8 Real estate valuation with GIS. Production of 3D value maps for land taxation purposes. 3D value generations. Real estate management database applications.
9 Midterm exam
10 Practices relating to real estate valuation: Valuation in Land-surveying activities. Land Expropriation procedures. Land valuation approaches in land expropriation.
11 Practices relating to real estate appraisal: Property tax collection, land consolidation, land readjustment, privatization, urban regeneration etc.
12 Practices relating to real estate appraisal: Property management in buildings. Condominium implementation. Betterment and share calculation applications.
13 Project work
14 Project Delivery / General evaluation of the course
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