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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Çelik Yapılar II
English Steel Structures II
Course Code
INS 444 Credit Lecture
Semester 8
- 2 1 -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Cüneyt Vatansever
Course Objectives Main objectives of this course are :

- to develop skills for the design of steel column base plates, anchorages and splices
- to develop skills for the design of the steel beams supports and their connections
- to develop skills for the design of the steel beam – to beam connections
- to develop skills for the design of beam to column connections of the moment frames having normal ductility level.
Course Description Introduction to Steel Structures / Application Areas of Steel Products / Columns and Splices / Beam Supports / Pinned Column Supports / Beam-Column Connections / Column Base Plates /
Anchorages of Columns / Beam-Column Connections of Normal Ductile Frames
Course Outcomes The successful student will be able;

1. to understand the design of column basements and their anchorages.
2. to design the beam supports on walls etc.
3. to design the beam to beam connections of simply as well as continuous beams.
4. to design all the structural elements and their connections of a steel bridge.
5. to design the rigid beam to column connections of steel moment frames with normal level ductility
Required Facilities
Textbook 1. Turkish Code for Design and Construction of Steel Structures, http://www.resmigazete.gov.tr
2. Turkish Seismic Code for Buildings 2018, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Disaster And Emergency Management Presidency.
3. W. Segui, “Steel Design”, Sixth Edition, Cengage Learning, 2018
4. A. O. Aghayere and J. Vigil, “Structural Steel Design: A Practice Oriented Approach”, Pearson, Second Edition 2015
5. L. Geschwindner, J. Liu and C. J. Carter, “Unified Design of Steel Structures”, 2017
Other References
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